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Husqvarna TS 60 Tile Saw MK-370 EXP Tile Saw - MK Diamond Tile Saw Gemini Apollo Ring Saw - Gemini Saws
Husqvarna TS 60 Tile Saw w/ Stand & Free Blade
Price: $1,250.00
New Price: $1,064.00
You save $186.00!

Gemini Apollo Ring Saw
Price: $600.88

The newest saw from Husqvarna is now available! The TS 60 includes a free stand, free blade and free shipping. The MK-370 Tile Saw is the perfect tool for the do-it-yourself craftsman.

The Apollo Ring Saw will cut through any hard material such as ceramic tile, engineered and natural stone, marble, granite, glass, non-ferrous metals, acrylic, and Plexiglas. Cuts a radius, curve or straight line!

RTC Great White Portable Tile Saw Aqua Mix Sealer's Choice Gold Sealer - Pint, Quart, Gallon, 5 Gallon- StoneTooling.com. Rubi Tools- Rubimix 9BL Variable Speed Mixer

Cut any size tile imaginable with a maximum thickness of 3/4″ (2cm). It has a powerful waterproof motor which drives a 6″ diamond blade. Minimal water spray and a super quiet motor make this saw ideal for indoor or outdoor use. From backsplashes to plank tile, this is a must have tool!

Aqua Mix Sealer's Choice Gold (formerly Aqua Mix Sealer's Choice 15 Gold) is the professional's choice for a premium sealer for stone, tile and grout. The Rubimix 9BL professional mixer is designed for mixing all types of mortar.

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Contractor's Choice

Husqvarna TS 90 Tile Saw

Price: $1,952.12
Husqvarna TS-90 Tile Saw- StoneTooling.com
The Husqvarna TS 90 is a tile saw with cutting capacity like a rail saw. A versatile saw perfect to use for both large and small tiles.

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