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Dry-Treat HANAFIN Eff-Erayza Efflorescence Remover- Dry-Treat HANAFIN Eff-Erayza - Efflorescence Remover

Dry-Treat Eff-Erayza™ is a new technology acid cleaner for removing efflorescence, rust stains, limescale, grout haze, mortar mess and fireplace soot.

Price: $21.10
Dry-Treat HANAFIN Rejuvenata ACTIVE Stone Cleaner- Dry-Treat HANAFIN Rejuvenata ACTIVE - Natural Stone Cleaner

Dry-Treat HANAFINN Rejuvenata ACTIVE™ is a powerful, natural active enzyme cleaner concentrate for both heavy duty and light duty (regular) cleaning of all natural stones, tile, grout, brick and other hard surfaces.

Price: $22.37
Dry-Treat Rejuvenata Spray Stone Cleaner- Dry-Treat HANAFIN Rejuvenata Spray - Stone Countertop Cleaner

Dry-Treat HANAFINN Rejuvenata Spray is a gentle daily cleaner for natural and engineered stone countertops.

Price: $22.37
Dry-Treat HANAFIN Oxy-Klenza Outdoor Cleaner- Dry-Treat HANAFIN Oxy-Klenza - Outdoor Surface Shampoo

Dry-Treat Oxy-Klenza™ is an odorless, powerful triple action, oxygen, alkaline and detergent boosted heavy duty cleaner for removal of general grime and stains caused by oil / grease, mold, leaf marks, food and beverages.

Price: $24.10
Dry-Treat HANAFIN Stain-Repella Penetrating Sealer- Dry-Treat HANAFIN Stain-Repella - Invisible Penetrating Sealer

Dry-Treat Stain-Repella™ is a penetrating, invisible and breathable water-based sealer which protects porous surfaces against stains to keep surfaces looking great.

Price: $48.78
Dry-Treat STAIN-PROOF Original Impregnating Sealer- Dry-Treat STAIN-PROOF Original - Premium Impregnating Sealer

Dry-Treat STAIN-PROOF Original™ is an impregnating, invisible and breathable sealer that provides premium long term protection for natural stone, tiles, pavers, concrete, brick and grout.

Price: $66.28
Dry-Treat INTENSIFIA Enhancement & Stain Protection- Dry-Treat INTENSIFIA - Deep Enhancement & Stain Protection

Dry-Treat INTENSIFIA™ is a color enhancer & sealer suitable for a wide variety of applications, including floors, walls, cladding, facades, countertops, patios, driveways, paths, garages, kitchens and entertaining areas.

Price: $91.10
Dry-Treat Meta Creme Impreganting Sealer 180013- Dry-Treat META CRÈME - Next Generation Impregnating Sealer

Dry-Treat META CRÈME™ is the next generation of sealing technology, the ultimate breathable impregnating sealer for protecting natural stone, tiles, masonry, pavers, concrete and grout.

Price: $98.63
Dry-Treat 40SK - Soft Porous Stone Sealer Dry-Treat 40SK - Soft Porous Stone Sealer

Dry-Treat 40SK™ is an impregnating, invisible and breathable sealer that protects porous tile, natural stone, brick, terracotta, paving and grout from damage caused by water and salts, plus helps to consolidate friable surfaces.

Price: $205.74