Alpha 4" Ceramica EX Polishing Pads
Alpha 4" Ceramica EX Polishing Pads

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Price: $22.85

Price: $22.85

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Alpha 4" Ceramica EX Polishing Pad polishing pad works extremely well on all natural stones. As a result, Ceramica EX can fulfill all the needs of all stone fabricators; one set of polishing pads can produce a high quality shine on granite, engineered stone, quartz surfaces, marble (including hard to polish black and green), terrazzo and porcelain tile and slab. Ceramica EX pads work quickly to achieve desired results. They are cost-effective, long-lasting and made from the highest quality raw materials.
How to Use:

Shape the edge of the stone using an Alpha® Profiler, Alpha® Grinding/Shaping Wheel, or Alpha® Router Bit. Use Alpha® Ceramica Vitrified or Alpha® Ceramica Metal 60 Grit with care to eliminate all scratches and saw cut marks. Rubbing a yellow lumber crayon or grease pencil will aid in finding scratches, even while the stone is wet. Once prepared, very light contouring and blending, as well as preliminary polishing can be done. After each step, you should dry the area, using compressed air, a hair dryer or a heat blower gun, to look for scratches and imperfections. Make sure the area is smooth and there are no grinding marks or saw cut marks left over from the previous grit. Polish with the Ceramica Resin discs: 500, 1000, 2000, and 3000 Grits in order. Do not skip any grits. For granite, use the Ceramica Buff polishing pad. Choose Black for dark colored stones and White for light colored stones. Wet the workpiece and run the disc semi-wet with very low water for lubrication to generate heat. When the water is consumed, the process is complete. Repeat as necessary to improve the luster. Note: The special impregnation in the Ceramica Buff pads will help you achieve the best results, including color and luster “pop” only after being allowed to consume the small amounts of water and heat up.

  • 200 Grit - Item# EX40200R
  • 500 Grit - Item# EX40500R
  • 1000 Grit - Item# EX41000R
  • 2000 Grit - Item# EX42000R
  • 3000 Grit - Item# EX43000R

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