Makes Truck Delivery Easy

  • Items with the following icon must be shipped to a commercial address using a commercial trucking company, or additional fees will apply.
  • Heavy equipment or large items may be secured to a pallet
  • If you choose you can use an alternate commercial address such as your job site or work address but usually the trucking company will require you unload your merchandise with a forklift or at a loading dock.
  • If you don’t have a commercial address and do not wish to pay the non-commercial fee our customer service department can help you arrange for pick up at the trucking company terminal closest to you.
  • Always make sure to inspect your shipment for any external physical damage to the box in the presence of the trucking company and note any damages on the delivery receipt. If you feel further inspection is required make sure to remove the packaging from the box and make notes of any further damages on the delivery receipt.

Non-Commercial Delivery Areas

o Private residences, apartment complexes, and dormitories.

o Businesses located at or in close proximity to a private residence, farm, or ranch.

o Businesses located in mixed use areas. (Please note: this covers much of New York City and Brooklyn.)

o Camps, carnivals, churches, colleges, fairs, individual/mini storage sites, hotels/motels, military base/installation, police/fire station, mine sites, mosques, prisons, synagogues, temples, and universities.

o Establishments not open to the walk-in public or where an employee is not available to assist with loading or unloading.

o Construction Site of any non-commercial buildings, roads, bridges, or other structures. Note this includes the entire property on which the construction is taking place and any facility
located on said property.