MLT Mini Kits with Ready Straps T2

Product Code: 95-00562
Price: $87.69

Option 1

1 MLT MIni Kit
1 MLT Mini Kit
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Option 2

1 MLT Mini Kit (1 Removal Gun)
1 MLT Mini Kit (1 Removal Gun)
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Option 3

4 MLT Mini Kits
4 MLT Mini Kits (2 Removal Guns)
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1 MLT Mini Kit
1 MLT Mini Kit + 1 Removal Gun [Add $84.62]
4 MLT Mini Kits + 2 Removal Guns [Add $362.98]

Ready Straps T2, Caps & Optional Removal Gun

The MLT Mini Kits with Ready Straps T2 includes everything you need to get started on your next tile job. The MLT Mini KITS include Ready Straps T2 and Caps along with a Bonus Tool Box & Optional Removal Gun.

What's Included

  • 1 Mini Kit
  • 100 Ready Straps T2
  • 100 Caps
  • 1 Tool Box
  • 1 Mini Kit + Removal Gun
  • 100 Ready Straps T2
  • 100 Caps
  • 1 Ergonomic Removal Gun
  • 1 Tool Box
  • 400 Ready Straps T2
  • 400 Caps
  • 2 Ergonomic Removal Guns
  • 4 Tool Boxes
More +

MLT Ready Straps T2

MLT Systems introduces the latest technology in Mechanical Lippage Tuning with the single piece strap. With the single piece strap, there is no more pre-assembly necessary. The single piece strap has the strap already linked to the base plate and is designed with the commercial contractor in mind. No more extra labor costs associated with base plate assembly and sorting the cleanup.

The One-time-use strap is made from high quality nylon and can be used with standard caps, like any other strap. Minimum grout join is 1.2 mm. The particular shape of the plate allows use with any kind of gauged tiles.

MLT Caps

The MLT Caps are designed and engineered to be disengaged under tension to allow cleaning of grout joints and seams, or to re-position the tiles/slabs just with a slight side pressure. This is extremely important for the installation of reduce thickness materials.

The side "wings" create a constant pressure to guarantee the perfect alignment and plane during the curing of the setting material. The slot on the top of the cap will accept a Stainless Steel Tongue Insert in cases where the ratcheting teeth may become worn. These inserts will greatly prolong the working life of each cap.

MLT Ergonomic Removal Tool

The MLT Ergonomic Gun Removal Tool is used to tighten the caps and remove the straps from the base plates. The Ergonomic Gun is made with a Tensioning dial which allows the pressure needed for different types of materials and situations, optimizing the performance of the system. The Tensioning dial features 4 different positions for stone/marble, thin tiles, and porcelain tile.

Less -

Custom Building Products Installation Systems

The use of the Mechanical Lippage Tuning System (MLT) is approved for use with Custom Building Products Installation Systems. The ML T System helps reduce or eliminates lippage when used installing large format tile or stone. It also reduces the time it takes to set tile and gauge flatness from one tile to the next.

ARDEX Tile & Stone Installation Systems

Regarding the installation of Large Format Tiles, Super Format and Thin Tile Panels, the use of tensioning devices designed to limit lippage and maintain surface flatness tolerances has become a necessary part of the installation process. ARDEX recommends and approves the use of the MLT (Mechanical Lippage Tuning) System.

Laticrete International

Our Laticrete Technical Service Team has taken a close look at the Mechanical Lippage Tuning system (MLT). We are pleased to recommend the MLT system to reduce or eliminate lippage and provide "smooth, plumb & true Installations" of Large Module Tile & Stone.

MAPEI Corporation

MAPEI Corporation is pleased to recommend the Mechanical Lippage Tuning System (MLT) for assisting in reduction or elimination of lippage on large format tile and thin-bodied porcelain installations. This product has been tested by MAPEI’s Technical Services Department and found to make a significant contribution to the installation of standard and thin thicknesses of large format tile or stone.