Axson Knife Grade Solid Transparent (Gallon)
Axson Knife Grade Solid Transparent, Gallon

Price: $97.29

Manufacturer Part #: F022538

Product Code: 20.16700


Axson Knife Grade Solid Transparent Polyester Adhesive

Wood & Stone Company Axson Knife Grade Solid Transparent polyester adhesive is ideal for bonding & filling on vertical natural stone surfaces, especially marble. It may be used to fill large cracks and holes. While accepting coloring paste for matching stone, it is great for use on light colored stone.


All surfaces must be dry and free of grease, oil, efflorescence and dust. Transparent Polyester products will bond to moist surfaces; however, a dry surface will provide the best results. Because our products do not bond with polyethylene plastics, containers of this material are ideal for mixing purposes.


If needed, add Polyester Coloring Pastes to the mastic before mixing the mastic with the hardening paste. The Correct amount of hardener is 2% to 4% of mastic by weight; this is approximately a 1/2" to 1" bead of hardener for every tablespoon of mastic. Additional hardener speeds the curing time, but causes a deeper yellowing and reduces the bond strength. Too little hardener will result in a mixture that will not cure.

Ambient temperature also affects the curing time. Warmer temperatures speed the curing process, while temperatures below 32° F/0° C will require heating the mixture to start the curing process.

The product should be mixed thoroughly and will remain workable until gelling occurs, at which point the product becomes rubbery and excess material may be removed with a razor or chisel. The product should not be worked once gelling has begun.

When bonding stones together, clamps and jigs should be used to ensure a thin bond layer (less than 0.016 inches/0.4 mm) is achieved, thereby providing the strongest bond. After curing, the stone piece may be further processed without damaging the material.

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