Diamax Cyclone 14High Speed Silent Core Blade (20 mm)
Diamax Cyclone High Speed Silent Core Blade

Price: $388.85

Manufacturer Part #: SCDA1826

Product Code: 10.01990


Diamax Cyclone High Speed Silent Core Blade

Cyclone High Speed Silent Core Blades have layered diamond technology outperforming all competing silent core blades. Each and every diamond is placed exactly where maximum performance can be achieved. This strategic placement of diamonds ensures that every diamond's full potential is reached. Diamax's industry leading 26mm segments ensure the longest life of any silent core blade.

The Diamax Cyclone High Speed Silent Core Blade is the fastest cutting silent blade. With 9 layers of diamonds strategically placed along the width of the segment, Diamax has achieved maximum sharpness. Every segment is packed full of diamonds working together top ensure this blade always follows your laser line with very little stress on your machine.


  • 9 layers of Arrayed Diamonds makes this blade superior to others
  • Cyclone High Speed layered technology gives you 20%-40% more life than other blades
  • Feed rate: 10ft - 17ft a minute
  • Segments are pressure tested to ensure solid welding
  • Consistent cuts on granite, marble, and other quartz materials

Ideal for Cutting

  • Granite
  • Marble
  • Quartz Materials

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