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Diamond Blade Buying Guide

Bond Hardness

Both segmented and continuous rim diamond blades use powdered metals to hold the diamonds in place. The bond strength will determine the rate at which the diamonds are exposed as the blade is used. In general, bond strengths can be soft, medium, or hard with the diamonds becoming exposed more quickly the softer the bond.

The bond strength is one of the key factors in determining what material the diamond blade is designed to cut. In order to get the best performance from you blade, it is important to choose a blade with the appropriate bond hardness for the material being cut.

Using a blade with a bond matrix that is too soft for the material being will result in faster wear and shorter blade life because the diamonds will be released faster than needed.

However, using a blade with a bond strength that is too hard for the material will result in much slower cutting speeds and will require more frequent blade dressings in order to expose the next layer of diamond to maintain the blade’s cutting capabilities. Eventually, glazing of the blade may occur as the blade stops cutting all together.

Soft-bonded Blades

In general, for hard, dense materials, a diamond blade with a softer bond is ideal because new diamonds are more easily exposed, allowing for better cutting performance. For example, when cutting porcelain tile, a blade with a soft bond will allow new diamonds to be more readily exposed, allowing optimum cutting performance to be maintained.

Hard-bonded Blades

Softer, more porous materials like asphalt, green concrete, and sandstone tend to be more abrasive, wearing soft-bonded blades out more quickly. Hard-bonded diamond blades are able to withstand the abrasiveness of soft materials, proving to be more durable and long-lasting.

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