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Diamond Concentration

Diamond concentration influences the cutting proficiency of diamond blades. The bond type and diamond grit size will both affect the diamond concentration. Having an appropriate diamond concentration will allow for the maximum use of the diamonds and bond. Having diamond concentrations too high for the material being cut can result in diamonds falling off the blade prematurely. Conversely, having diamond concentration too low can result in reduced cutting proficiency.

Diamond concentration typically ranges from 25% to 75%. In general, as the diamond concentration increases, the blade’s cutting efficiency and sharpness decrease. Higher diamond concentrations will decrease the impact of each individual diamond particle, reducing the cutting efficiency but also extending the blade’s life.

Whether a blade is sintered, electroplated, or resin bonded will affect the blade’s capacity for holding diamonds. When the holding strength of the bond is strong, the diamond concentration can also be higher. Saws with a lot of horsepower often need a strong blade with a high diamond concentration for blade durability and longevity.

High diamond concentration with a coarse grit is ideal for cutting abrasive materials while low diamond concentration and fine diamond grit it typically good for cutting hard, dense materials, precision cutting, and polishing. For more efficient cutting where smooth cuts are not a concern, blades with low diamond concentration and coarse grit are often popular.

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