Extend-O-Drain Universal Drain Height Extension Kit
Extend-O-Drain Universal Drain Height Extension Kit

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Price: $9.75

Price: $9.75

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Extend-O-Drain Height Extension Kit

When re-tiling, rebuilding, or even installing a new shower or other project that requires tiling around a drain, you might find that the tile and the drain are not going to be the same height over the mortar bed. This leaves an unfinished look and you trying to figure out a solution that is not going to be tedious, time consuming, or costly. The Extend-O-Drain Extension Kit is the perfect solution for when you need to raise low drain screens 1/4 inch – 1/2 inch to achieve a professional and finished look for your tile floor.

The Extend-O-Drain Extension Kits are available in 3 different sizes. To determine the correct Extend-O-Drain Kit size that you need, find the screw placements of the existing drain, and measure the diameter across the drain, from screw hole to screw hole. The correct Extend-O-Drain Kit size corresponds to this diameter measurement between screws in the existing drain. The 2-1/2” – 3” Kit has slotted holes to accommodate drain screens that have holes from 2-1/2" to 3" across the center.

Each Extend-O-Drain Extension Kit includes a drain height extension piece, three rubber washers, and screws. The drain height extension piece is made of 1/4 inch thick plastic. For a drain screen that needs to be raised more than 1/4 inch, additional Extension Kits can be purchased.

Installation of the Extend-O-Drain Extension Kit is quick and easy. Simply remove the current drain plate, place the required number of washers (if any) on top of the drain, and place the drain height extension piece over the washers. Replace the original drain screen over the extension piece and tighten with the supplied screws, and just as easy as that, you are done and ready to go.