Gemini Apollo - Rigid Blade Replacement 1109 / 1114
Gemini Apollo Rigid Blade Replacement

Price: $81.30

Product Code: 10.00X11

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Gemini Saw - Apollo Rigid Blades

This Gemini Apollo 6" Rigid Ring Saw Blade Replacement is used for straight cuts and slicing. Features a Single-Sided, Sintered Diamond Blade, perfect for aggressive straight cuts. Available in Standard or Fine blade.

Standard Rigid Blade (Gemini Part #1109)

Use for stone, marble, granite, and thick glass (only). This blade is only good for Thick glass. 80 grit. Sintered diamond blade.

Fine Rigid Blade (Gemini Part # 1114)

Use for glass, stained glass, fused glass, glass tile and any glass. 150 grit. Sintered diamond blade.