Gemini Apollo Sintered Blade Replacement - Fine
Gemini Apollo Sintered Blade Replacement

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Manufacturer Part #: 1107

Product Code: 80.00213


Gemini Saw - Apollo Sintered Blade Replacement- Fine

The 6” Sintered Ring Blades are diamond coated, double sided blades for cutting forward, backward, and curves. “Sintered” means that the entire blade is made of powdered metal with diamond throughout its entirety. These blades last much longer than the electroplated blades with the cut speed remaining consistent throughout the blade’s life. As the blade is used, only a slow decrease in size eventually occurs.

Even in thick materials, the Sintered Ring Blades can perform tight curves. When cutting curves, it is important to remember that the trailing edge of the blade also cuts and should be taken into account. The backward cutting ability is also very useful as you can back out or change direction without having to rotate the material.

These blades also perform straight cuts that can be executed with precision accuracy to produce tiny slices of material with an almost polished edge. While these blades are tough, it is still important to let the blade do the cutting by not forcing the material through. A solid blade type should be used for aggressive straight cutting.

Standard Blade: Use for cutting thick materials including glass, stone, marble, and granite. Gemini Part # 1106

Fine Blade: Use for cutting thin glass including stained glass, fused glass, glass tile, and other glass types. Gemini Part # 1107

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