Gemini Taurus Super Slicer 1047
Gemini Taurus Super Slicer 1047

Price: $38.41

Manufacturer Part #: 1047

Product Code: 10.00916


Gemini Taurus Super Slicer

The Super Slicer is a device that gives you the ability to make repetitive, perfectly parallel, ultra thin cuts in any material that will clear the throat height of the saw, which is 1 1/2" on the Taurus 3 and 1" on the Taurus 2.

The Super Slicer can be adapted for use on other saws such as band saws, as long as the blade will pass through the ribs.

Examples where the Super Slicer can be useful are when cutting include: Pattern Bars, Streamers, Milfiori, and Virtually any other material that requires repetitive cutting.

The Super Slicer has the ability to cut slices as thin as 1/16".

Gemini Part # 1047