Gialotex Polishing Powder
Gialotex Polishing Powder- 2Kg-

Price: $30.07

Manufacturer Part #: 503

Product Code: 50.13200


Gialotex Polishing Powder - 2kg

Gialotex is considered a "general purpose" product providing the highest level of shine on most existing marbles and terrazzos. Gialotex is suitable for any kind of marble surface, leaving an impressive and natural “mirror-shine” finish on colored marbles and limestones such as the beiges, reds or black ones. It's a very popular shining powder.

  • 2kg Pail

Instructions for use:
  • The surface has to be clean and dry.
  • Do not dilute or mix with other products.
  • Pour a little quantity of the product (approx. 20gr. x over an area of about 2 sq.m.
  • Add a little of water.
  • Buff with the polishing machine fitted with a white pad and spread the paste over all the area to be treated.
  • Gloss will appear while the paste is dissolved by buffing.
  • If the mixture is getting dry, add a little of water to dissolve the product again.
  • If the mixture is too liquid, use the other side of disc and buff again the surface, drying the liquid excess.
  • Once the surface is dry and shinny, vacuum it and rinse with clean water.

Gialote Polishing Powder Technical Data Sheet