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Grinding Wheels and Discs

The various types of discs and wheel attachments are the key to a grinder’s versatility. For performing tasks from removing rust and paint to leveling surfaces and sharpening tools, having an assortment of wheels on hand can help with a multitude of projects.

Cut-off Wheel – Used for cutting metal such as rebar, bars, and bolts.

Diamond Cut-off Wheel – Featuring a diamond coating, these blades are used for cutting hard materials like stone, tile, and concrete. With a dry-cut diamond blade, an angle grinder can be used to make difficult cuts that standard tile cutters would not be able to such as cutting a hole for an electrical outlet.

Wire Wheel / Wire Cup Brush – With wire bristles, these wheels are designed for heavy duty cleaning including removing rust and paint, stripping, and deburring tasks. Wire Wheels are ideal for smaller, hard to reach places including corners and crevices, and wire cup brushes are best for large, flat areas. They can be used on metal and other hard materials.

Polishing Pads – These soft, woven cloth wheels are used for buffing and polishing materials. Generally, polishing pads are used with a polishing compound to add shine or a finished look to the work piece. They are most often used with a bench grinder or angle grinder that has variable speed for lower RPM. Polishing requires a much lower RPM than other typical grinding applications.

Abrasive Grinding Wheel – These can be used for wide range of applications but most commonly are used for shaping materials, restoring edges, and sharpening tools, blades, and bits.

Sanding Disc – These abrasive discs are available in different grit sizes ranging from coarse to very fine. They are used for sanding applications, sharpening, and prepping surfaces for painting on light metals and wood.

Grinding Stones – Similar to abrasive discs but not as abrasive, grinding stones are generally used for sharpening purposes.