IMER Minuteman II 5 cu. ft. Portable Multimixer - Commercial Address
IMER Minuteman II Portable Concrete Mixer

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Manufacturer Part #: 1126608

Product Code: 80.91700


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IMER Minuteman II Portable Multimixer
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IMER Minuteman II 5 cu. ft. Portable Multimixer is easy to set up and ready to perform on any job site. The motor gearbox assembly drops onto the tripod frame in just seconds. The drum slides onto the tapered drive shaft and locks in place with a T-bolt which only needs to be tightened by hand, as the drum tightens further as the machine mixes 275 lbs of mortar, stucco or grout or concrete every 5 minutes.


  • Mix 275 lbs of mortar, stucco, grout and concrete in less than 4 minutes
  • The fully enclosed 1/2 hp, 110 V industrial grade motor with direct gear drive provides non-stop performance on any construction project
  • Direct drive gearbox - No belts to tighten, no bearings to grease, absolutely the most reliable drive system available today
  • These mixers truly are Contractor duty
  • In just a minute, the Minuteman can be "knocked down" into 3 easy to load components
  • One person, no tools required
  • Includes Tripod

Drum capacity 5 cu. ft. 5 cu. ft.
Batch output 275 lbs., 2.5 cu.ft. 200 lbs. 2 cu. ft.
Motor rating 1/2 h.p. 110v/6amp 1/2 h.p. 110v / 6amp
Gas engine n/a Honda 3 h.p.
Drum diameter 24" 24"
Discharge outlet height 21" 8" 21" w/stand
Wheel size 10" 14" pneumatic tires
Weight 120 lbs. elec. 101 lbs., gas 115 lbs.
Length 52" (26") 30" (28")
Height 57" (27") 20,5" (28")
Width 28" (26")

IMER Minuteman II Portable Multimixer Part # 1126608

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