Intertape 519 Medium Grade Paper Masking Tape
Intertape 519 Medium Grade Paper Masking Tape

Price: $3.98

Price: $3.98

Product Code: 70-10900



Intertape 519 Medium Grade Paper Masking Tape

A beige, conformable, semi-bleached crepe paper masking tape coated with pressure-sensitive natural rubber adhesive. Capable of withstanding bake temperatures up to 180˚F (82˚C) for up to one hour and/or exposure to ultra-violet (UV) light for up to five hours. Offers consistent conformability and tensile strength for general purpose bundling, protecting, and various industrial applications.

  • Interior paint masking
  • Spray painting (air-dry) autos, boats, etc., boat
  • Manufacturing (fiberglass)
  • Silk screening
  • Mail rooms
  • Marble manufacturing (man-made)
  • Golf club shaft (build-up)
  • Carpet pad / pad splicing
  • Freezer tape
  • Light bundling, packaging, splicing and tabbing

Intertape Medium 519 Masking Tape
Part # Size
519/73858 1" wide, 180 ft length
519/73859 1-1/2" wide, 180 ft length
519/73860 2" wide, 180 ft length

Intertape 519 Masking Tape Technical Data Sheet

Intertape 519 Masking Tape Safety Data Sheet