Laticrete Floor Warming Mat
Laticrete Floor Warming Mat

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Price: $106.78

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Laticrete Floor Warming Mat

Laticrete Floor Heat Mat is a versatile floor warming mat designed to be installed underneath tile and stone floors to provide luxury and comfort. The product includes adhesive backing for easy installation.

All electrical connections must be made by a licensed electrician. Failure to do so will void all warranties and claims. Comply with all applicable building and electrical codes. Designed for use with Laticrete Floor Warming Thermostat.

How it works

  • Self-Adhesive Mesh, Tape and Wire System Allows for easy installation without having to staple or nail near wiring, resulting in less chance for installation problems.
  • Entire product is coated with adhesive to ensure product stays in place during installation.
  • Floor Heat is easy to install, utilizes reliable technology to provide years of comfort.
  • A simple heating element is installed using either Laticrete polymer modified thin-set (e.g. Laticrete 254 Platinum) or Laticrete 86 LatiLevel™ beneath the tile or stone of your choice and connected to household standard electric wiring.
  • The heating mat is designed to conform to virtually any installation requirements allowing heat to be distributed evenly and efficiently.
  • The Laticrete Floor Warming Thermostat is a digital programmable thermostat and timer that provides the level of warmth and comfort you want, when you want it.

Laticrete Floor Heat is easy to install.
  • 1. Measure and plan the area to be covered.
  • 2. Place unit and cut mesh mat (not the blue wire heating element) to make turns and new runs. The flexible heating element bends as needed.
  • 3. Connect wires to junction box/thermostat (this should be done by a licensed electrician). Test unit.
  • 4. Spread the Laticrete polymer modified thin-set or Laticrete 86 LatiLevel over the mat. The thin profile makes for a smooth, flat finish.
  • 5. Set flooring.

How much Laticrete Floor Heat will you need?
  • Estimating is simple. Simply measure the floor’s square footage, only in areas that will be walked on.
  • Omit any areas to be covered by cabinets or permanent fixtures.
  • Laticrete Floor Heat comes in different widths and a variety of lengths; we can help you determine the exact configuration of product needed.

Safe, Reliable and Energy Efficient
  • Silent and uses very little energy.
  • This heating element is Recognized by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Representative samples of this component have been evaluated by UL and meet applicable UL requirements.
  • Laticrete Floor Warming Thermostat is manufactured to conserve energy and reduce operating costs.

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