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Membrane Underlayment Buying Guide

Liquid Membranes

Liquid polymer membranes have a thick, liquid consistency similar to paint and come in a bucket or pail, usually in gallon sizes or larger. These membranes have anti-fracture, crack isolation, and waterproofing properties for tile and stone installations, making them most often used for showers, tub surrounds, spas and hot tubs, swimming pools, fountains, and other areas where waterproofing is needed.

When properly applied, liquid membranes can be used in both interior and exterior applications and are effective for both horizontal and vertical crack suppression. While excellent for waterproofing, liquid membranes are not necessarily complete vapor barriers. If vapor is a concern, such as for a steam room, then a suitable vapor barrier may need to be used in conjunction with the liquid membrane.

Versatile and easy to use, liquid membrane underlayments can be applied with a brush or roller to a wide range of substrates. Suitable substrates typically include concrete, masonry, cement plaster, cement backer board, and other commonly tiled over materials. The membrane, however, must cure before proceeding with the stone or tile installation. Once the membrane has cured, the appropriate thinset or mortar can be applied directly over the membrane and the stone or tile installed.

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