MLT Bottom Plates
MLT Bottom Plates

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Price: $57.15

Price: $57.15

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MLT Bottom Plates

The MLT (Mechanical Lippage Tuning) system is the latest in tile leveling systems.

Ideal for large format tiles, the MLT system will help combat lippage found typically found on tile installations and give you a smooth surface regardless if you're a seasoned tile setter or a weekend warrior.

The MLT System is extremely versatile allowing you to mix and match components in order to accommodate the type, size and thickness of material you are using. The system also utilizes caps that can be used over 100 times and reusable straps making it more cost effective and environmentally friendly.The straps are standard and users have a choice between base plates that are ideal for natural stone, thin tiles, porcelain tiles and offset/plank bases.

You can also use the Steel Tongue Inserts to extend the life of your caps and add the rubber feet to prevent scratches on the tile surface.

MLT Accommodates tile sizes from 12" X 12" right up to stone and ceramic tile slabs of 3/4" in thickness and can accommodate grout joints from 1/64".

The MLT system consists of 4 main components:

Other accessories include:

*Straps not included.