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Miracle Sealants Abrasives - Honing Powder & Polishing Powder

Natural stone and tile floors and surfaces have become increasing popular in both commercial and residential applications. Marble, granite, travertine, terrazzo, limestone, and porcelain and ceramic tile are sought after for their beauty and versatility of colors available. Even with proper maintenance, these materials will become worn overtime. To help restore stone and tile floors and surfaces, Miracle Sealants has a line of abrasive stone care products.

For heavily damaged natural stone or tile surfaces, Miracle Sealants has honing powders available. Honing is an abrasive process that is applied to a surface, grinding it to a smooth and even finish. Honing is often used to restore damaged stone or tile by removing scratches, etch marks, and lightweight traffic patterns. Miracle Sealants honing powders may also be used to prepare a surface for the final polishing step.

Often, factory honed stone or tile may appear uneven, patchy, dull in one spot, or shiny another. Factory honed stone or tile may need to be still honed again to get a consistent finish. The honing process itself requires the use of a hand or floor machine.

For the final steps in the polishing process or for maintaining a polished surface, Miracle Sealants has a line of polishing compounds for natural stone and tile. Over time, a polished surface will loose its shine and luster from wear and tear.

Miracle Sealants polishing powders will remove light scratches and etch marks from stone or tile and restore a polished shine. For best results, a floor machine or hand machine should be used with the appropriate polishing pad. Small, hard to reach areas may be worked by hand.

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Miracle Sealants Mira Hone, 1Lb. Miracle Sealants Mira Hone, 1Lb.

Mira Hone is a unique, natural, non-wax powder compound for honing and deep cleaning marble, travertine, limestone and terrazzo.

Price: $21.79
Miracle Water Ring & Etch Remover Miracle Sealants Water Ring & Etch Remover

Water Ring & Etch Remover 4oz. is a unique, fast acting polishing powder.

Price: $10.49