Omni Cubed Rigid Cross-Brace Kit RCB-156-19
Omni Cubed Rigid Cross-Brace Kit RCB-156-19-

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Price: $550.00

Manufacturer Part #: SGB-147-19

Product Code: 70.37872


Omni Cubed Rigid Cross-Brace Kit RCB-156-19

The Rigid Cross-Brace Kit attaches to any two Omni Cubed® vacuum cup Sink Hole Savers, forming a sturdy support frame for large format slabs and tiles, large islands, or fragile cutouts such as tub decks. This system is ideal for any situation where you need to minimize twisting and flexing of the material. Lengthwise flexing is prevented by the Sink Hole Savers, and perpendicular twisting is prevented when they are securely clamped together with the Rigid Cross-Brace Kit.

The clamps rigidly attach the cross-bars perpendicular to the Sink Hole Saver™ rails at any location, allowing customized configurations to suit a variety of applications. Each clamp knob has an integrated “resting” foot that won’t scratch finished surfaces or flooring when material is flipped upside-down to apply bonding agents. The Rigid Cross-Brace Kit includes two 4’ strengthening bars, four rigid clamps, and a convenient carrying bag for the clamps.

The optional Horizontal Lifting Handle Kit accessory provides a gripping point beyond the ends of any one bar or rail.


Product Highlights
  • Minimizes twisting and flexing of material in multiple directions
  • Sturdier than using 4 unconnected bars or rails
  • Works great for LFT (large format tiles), gauged or thin porcelain slabs such as Laminam®, and sintered stone such as Neolith® or Dekton®
  • Create custom configurations to suit a variety of applications
  • Integrated “resting” feet won’t scratch surfaces when material is flipped upside-down


Omni Cubed Rigid Cross-Brace Kit

Product Name Rigid Cross-Brace Kit
Part # RCB-156-19
Includes Two 48” reinforcement bars, four cross-brace clamps, and carrying case
Product Dimensions 48" x 7" x 7"
Product Weight 18.0 lb
Package Dimensions 49" x 7" x 7"
Materials Anodized aluminum, aluminum, PVC, nylon, stainless steel, and zinc plated steel
Clamping Range 95 mm to 1175 mm (3 in. to 46 in.)
Rated Capacity Refer to weight capacity of vacuum cups
Other Specs The combined weight of two Sink Hole Saver™ Sliders and the Rigid Cross-Brace Kit is 43.2 lb (19.6 kg).