Protecto Wrap 100/40 AIR/VAPOR BARRIER 36" X 75'
Protecto Wrap 100/40 AIR/VAPOR BARRIER 36" X 75'

Price: $224.69

Manufacturer Part #: 602-139-36

Product Code: 40.10144


Protecto Wrap 100/40 AIR/VAPOR BARRIER 36" X 75'

A peel and stick membrane for use as a positive air/vapor stop in everyday construction. Our product is a 40 mil SBS modified rubberized asphalt sheet waterproofing membrane that fully bonds to most substrates through the primer course. It is a white, polyethylene-topped, membrane that has excellent conforming capabilities to irregular surfaces. PW 100/40 is compatible with and will adhere to steel, wood, concrete, building paper, block wall, dry wall and insulation board. PW 100/40’s paper release backing, and the variety of roll widths, contributes to the ease of application. There are multiple uses that utilize the aggressive adhesive characteristics of the membrane.

Features and Benefits
  • As a thru wall flashing
  • As a full building wrap in envelope applications in cavity wall construction
  • Sealing window and door perimeters to the building substrates
  • Sealing around skylights
  • As a vapor barrier in mechanically fastened roofing systems
  • Sealing joints in exterior gypsum board
  • Sealing joints in outsilation systems
  • Sealing penetrations in roof and wall systems

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