Roto-Wedge Blue Spacer, 75 Pack
Roto-Wedge Blue Spacer

Price: $8.07

Manufacturer Part #: 876577 / RWT75

Product Code: 40.36200

The Roto-Wedge Space is dynamic and easy to use. It is efficient and provides more accuracy than basic wedges, shims, wood or cardboard scraps. The innovative design prevents the installer from hitting the wall, giving you full usage of the wedge. Simply rotate to the exact space you need. The Roto-Wedge Spacer is the perfect spacing solution for masonry, stone, tile and more.

  • Designed to support stone and tile on vertical applications.
  • Ideal for leveling starter courses.
  • Great to maintain the gaps between countertop slabs and the wall while it cures.
  • Easily create any space for masonry, stone, tile and more
Spacing thickness:
  • Blue 1/64 - 1/4’’ (0.4 - 6.3mm);
  • Green 1/16 - 7/8’’ (1.6 - 22.2mm)