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Bonanza Heavy Duty Rubber Apron Bonanza Heavy Duty Rubber Apron

The Bonanza Heavy Duty Rubber Apron offers a excellent protection against a wide variety of harsh chemicals.

Price: $18.80
SALE PRICE: $15.98

You save $2.82!

Rain Suit Bonanza Heavy-Duty Rain Suit

This durable Rain Suit from Bonanza is made of tough 0.35mm PVC on polyester material. Designed to keep you dry while on the job, it offers rain protection with excellent resistance against abrasions, tears, and snags.

Price: $13.87
Dunlop DuraPro Steel Toe Boots - Vendor # 89086 Dunlop DuraPro Steel Toe Boot

360 Degree pull tab for easy donning and doffing and a sloped comfort top to prevent chafing when walking and bending make this the most comfortable on the market.

Price: $57.57
SALE PRICE: $41.37

You save $16.20!

Fabricators Friend Apron Deluxe Bullet Proof- Fabricators Friend Deluxe Bullet Proof Apron

The Deluxe Bullet Proof Apron has two distinct improvements over our original aprons.

Price: $92.15
SALE PRICE: $78.33

You save $13.82!

Plain Toe Knee Boots Plain Toe Knee Boots

These Plain Toe Knee Boots can be used in wet, muddy conditions where resistance to chemicals is not required.

Price: $23.20
Steel Toe Knee Boots Steel Toe Knee Boots

These Steel Toe Knee Boots are designed for use where chemical resistance is not a factor.

Price: $25.20