Schluter Ditra XL Uncoupling & Waterproofing Membrane
Schluter Ditra XL Uncoupling & Waterproofing Membrane

Price: $344.62

Manufacturer Part #: DITRA-XL/175

Product Code: 40.96305


Schluter Ditra XL Uncoupling & Waterproofing Membrane

Schluter-DITRA-XL is a polyethylene membrane with a grid structure of square cavities, each cut back in a dovetail configuration, and an anchoring fleece laminated to its underside. Schluter-DITRA is bonded to the substrate using thin-set mortar. The anchoring fleece on the underside of Schluter-DITRA-XL is engaged in the mortar to provide a mechanical bond to the substrate.

Tile is installed over Schluter-DITRA-XL using the thin-bed method in such a way that the mortar becomes mechanically anchored in the square, cutback cavities of the Schluter-DITRA-XL matting.

Designed specifically for ceramic tile and dimension stone installations, Schluter-DITRA-XL serves as an uncoupling layer, waterproofing membrane, and vapor management layer that accommodates moisture from beneath the tile covering. Further, DITRA-XL performs all these functions while still providing adequate support/load distribution for the tile covering.

Item No. Thickness Dimensions
DITRA-XL/175 5/16" - 7 mm 3' 3" x 53' 3" = 175 ft2 (1 m x 16.25 m = 16.25 m2)

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