Schluter Kerdi-Line Linear Channel Body - Center Drain Outlet
Schluter Kerdi-Line Linear Channel Body - Center Drain Outlet -

Price: $301.35

Price: $301.35

Product Code: 40-11910

Linear Drain Size:


Schluter Kerdi-Line Linear Channel Body - Center Drain Outlet

KERDI-LINE consists of a formed stainless steel channel body and grate assembly or covering support to which tile is applied. The channel body features a standard 2" (50 mm) no-hub outlet and is attached to the pipe using an appropriate mechanical no-hub coupling. The simple connection to standard drain outlets makes KERDI-LINE suitable for new construction and renovation. KERDI-LINE is available with both center and off-set outlets. The offset outlet is located 8" (20.3 cm) from the edge of the channel body and provides flexibility when obstacles (e.g., floor joists) are encountered during installation.

KERDI-LINE includes a corresponding polystyrene foam channel support to set the drain elevation to the corresponding KERDI-SHOWER-LT/-LTS shower trays. The perimeter of the channel body consists of a bonding flange laminated with a collar made of KERDI. It ensures a simple and secure connection to the bonded waterproofing assembly, both in the floor area and on adjacent walls. KERDI-LINE is available in channel lengths from 20" to 72" (50 cm to 180 cm) in 4" (10 cm) increments. The bonding flange extends approximately 1" (2.5 cm) beyond the channel on all sides.

NOTE: The Schluter KERDI-LINE Drain Grate Assembly is sold separately.

What's Included :
  • 1 channel body with integrated KERDI collar
  • 1 channel body support
  • 1 no-hub coupling
  • 4 inside and 2 outside KERDI-KERECK waterproofing corners
  • 1 KERDI-SEAL-PS 3/4" pipe seal
  • 1 KERDI-SEAL-MV 4-1/2" mixing valve seal
  • 1 strainer

Schluter Kerdi-Line Channel Body Specifications
Schluter Part # Length
KL1V60E50 50 cm (19-11/16")
KL1V60E60 60 cm (23-5/8")
KL1V60E70 70 cm (27-9/16")
KL1V60E80 80 cm (2' 7")
KL1V60E90 90 cm (35-7/16")
KL1V60E100 100 cm (39-3/8")
KL1V60E110 110 cm (43-5/16")
KL1V60E120 120 cm (47-1/4")
KL1V60E130 130 cm (51-3/16")
KL1V60E140 140 cm (55-1/8")
KL1V60E150 150 cm (59-1/16")
KL1V60E160 160 cm (63")
KL1V60E170 170 cm (66-7/8")
KL1V60E180 180 cm (70-13/16")

Schluter Floor Drain Data Sheet

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