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Sealer Buying Guide

With all of the different sealers on the market today, it can seem a daunting task choosing the most appropriate sealer for your stone, tile, masonry, concrete, or other material. Sealers are available as penetrating or topical and come in either a water-based or solvent-based formula. Choosing the right sealer is essential for achieving the best performance from the sealer and the desired final look of your stone, tile, masonry, or concrete.

Keep these questions in mind when choosing a sealer:

  • What type of stone, tile, masonry, or other material will you be sealing?
  • Does the material have any finish on it, such being polished?
  • What kind of protection do you want from the sealer?
  • Do you want to enhance or alter the appearance of the material?
  • Is this an interior or exterior application?
  • Where / what are you sealing? Kitchen, bathroom, driveway, around saltwater pool, ect.
  • How long do you expect the sealer to last?
  • What kind of maintenance are you willing to perform?