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Overhead Rail Tile Saws

For the professional that needs a heavy duty saw, overhead rail saws offer the precision, power, and capacity for consistent cuts and high productivity on large pieces of tile and stone. While some of the most expensive tile saws available, apart from large industrial / commercial grade saws, they offer the most accurate and precise cuts. For commercial and industrial applications, large scale bridge saws are available.

The motor and blade are positioned on an overhead beam that extends the length of the saw. To perform a cut, the tile remains stationary on the cutting surface as the cutting head travels overhead on a roller-bearing carriage. The cutting head is then brought down to the material, performing a cut.

The size of the cutting table along with no side restrictions allows for the accommodation of large tile and stone pieces. Many are capable of performing rips cuts of 30 inches or more and diagonal cuts of 22 inches or more. While some smaller models aren’t necessarily designed to handle extra large pieces, they still feature precision cutting power. For depth of cuts of 2 inches or more, look for an overhead rail saw with the horsepower and blade capacity to perform those cuts.

Since the tile remains in a fixed position, overhead rails saws often produce the smoothest and most accurate cuts. Many will also have special features including ability to perform plunge cuts and miter cuts, use different size blades, and use profiling wheels. With miter cuts and plunge cuts, square holes and internal corners can easily be performed. As with other wet tile saws, these saws also have a water delivery system to keep the blade cool and suppress dust.

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