Tuscan Leveling System - Blue SeamClips
Tuscan Leveling System Blue SeamClip

Price: $53.01

Price: $53.01

Product Code: 40-74300



Tuscan Leveling System - Blue SeamClips

The Tuscan Leveling System SeamClip from Pearl is the latest leveling system created in order to give you a lippage free installation with ease.

With large format tiles increasing in popularity, lippage often becomes a problem and leveling your tile can be a hassle. Sometimes what looks like a lippage free installation can turn out to be a nightmare the next day.

The SeamClip is a 1 piece system that requires no tools to install or remove. Simply slide the base under the tile, close the wings on the side and after the installation has cured, use a rubber mallet to remove the top portion from the surface.

The SeamClip comes in 3 different versions.

  • Red - Engineered for gauged tiles 3/8'' to 1/2'' thick (10mm to 13mm).
  • White - For large format thin ceramic tile. Gauged tile from 1/8'' to less than 1/4'' thick (3mm to 6mm).
  • Blue - Engineered for gauged tiles 1/4'' to less than 3/8'' thick (6mm to 9mm).

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