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Adhesives Stone Care
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Akemi Stone Impregnation Akemi Transformer Quartz Akemi Nano Stain Repellent - 250 ML
AKEMI® Stone Impregnation is used for a water and dirt repellent treatment of absorbent mineral substances Akemi Transformer Quartz is an enhancing and impregnation solution used to intensify the color and give protection to quartz surfaces. A special impregnation which repels water, grease and oil.
Akemi Oil & Grease Remover Paste - 250 Gram Tube AKEMI AKEPOX 2010 KG EPOXY ADHESIVE 2.25 KG AKEMI Akepox 5010 Knife-Grade Epoxy Adhesive  - 2.25 KG
Removes grease, oil, wax stains and discolorations arising from plasticizers in sealants on all of natural and artificial stones and ceramic. Used for fine bonding joints and for the bonding of natural and artificial stone, wood and ceramic in a vertical position. For bonding of face joints indoors and outdoors, in conjunction with mortar for restoration work. It is ideal for white natural and artificial stones.